NaNoRenO2020 - Week 3 Devlog

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It's been quite a week, hasn't it?

I think this Tweet I made sums up my week.

This week, a lot of stuff happened to me. I started working from home (I'm an animator) in an effort to reduce travel and going out in public spaces. The few remaining, but important, plans I had were cancelled or postponed. Sometimes I can't rely on there being a stable internet connection.

Week 3 progress and plans for week 4:

  • Art: All the postage stamp artwork is done and ready to be added to the envelopes (once the envelopes are ready). I've also completed all the CGs for the game, one of which I posted in a Tweet, and another I posted with a side-by-side comparison of the original photo I used. I also started working on the envelopes and some of the backgrounds for the envelopes. I plan on continuing work during week 4.
  • GUI Art and Programming: I added a custom mouse cursor to the game. I also posted a screenshot of what the Main Menu looks like. I also spent some time fixing a few issues with the UI (I added "fade to black" transitions to and from the Main Menu, and I've added info about gamepad controls in the Help screen--if the player has a gamepad plugged in). There's still some things left to do (I still need to add a sound effect for when the player presses the Quit button, and I need to add a Splashscreen for the VN).
  • Voice Acting: I still need to fill out the VA Spreadsheet for Act 2 of the visual novel.
  • Music: Making progress!
  • Writing: As of this week, proofreading for the script has been completed by all three proofreaders. Hooray!
  • Promoting: Continuing to post regular updates on Twitter. Will keep on doing so during week 4.
  • Livestreams: I learnt this week how to livestream on Discord (on the DevTalk server for VN developers), and it's been surprisingly clean and simple. There's very little lag, especially compared to livestreaming on Twitch through StreamLabs. I might continue doing livestreams through Discord moving forward.

That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll have more to show you by week 4.

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That sounds like a fairly productive week; I'm glad that you got all of that done! ^_^

I am sorry to read that the isolation measures are hitting you so hard; I hope that you get to return to your preferred habits once it's passed, and that the remaining time of it is gentle to you! :/