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I've never heard nor played DE but this was so surprising and fun just listening through the various dialogues coming from the weirdest of places! I love the sleekness of it and the story!

Thank you so much, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. ^^


I loved everything about this. The main menu alone has a really compelling atmosphere, and that's before the game even begins. And the voice work is just amazing as always! Wow.

(I want to play DE so bad)


I've never played DE (I know I should), so everything was a bit confusing LOL

This was super polished. I LOVED the writing and the VA did a great job!

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Oh my days! I loved this! Exceptionally well written and voiced! 

Also a giant THANK YOU for releasing the DE-framework you created, it's an absolute treasure!


frightening and surprising in all the right ways~ makes me want to play through DE again :>