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Cute ;_;

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Damn that was a good game and neat spin on the classic adventurer. The art, graphics and music was really well done too!

I wish there was one extra scene for romance to develop more but under the time constraints, it's length is understandable. 

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I'm the Cinnamon Synonym and  I am celebrating  it by playing this awesome game on my channel. (I'm hoping to date Sareth!)

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This is Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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And finally, part 5! Make sure to play this great game!

I love this game so, so, much! I just finished Mithamoore's route and it was so sweet and cute! Thank you for making this awesome game! Great work! Also the music was amazing! The art was cute and beautiful! The writing was so heart touching I cried! Truly amazing!


This game is the one of my favorite otome games! I loved everything about it, the story, the music...


love this game, the art style and the way it made you question being the hero/ine


I finished all three routes and just wanted to let you know I loved the game. The art style really stood out and the music was fitting. I was especially impressed with the score in the final battle. I wish Sareth's ending was a bit longer, but other than that, a great game! Thank you for making it!

hey just finished mithamoore's route (the one where you go with him), i'll try to finish the thers as well

I wanted to say that I loved the game :) The music was great, each piece was perfect for the atmosphere when it was played. Plus the sfx whenever a character would speak, it reminded me of undertale. The art was really good. I especially liked it when there were intimate moments, the limited use of color brought it out. Lastly, liked the main character's personality, she wasn't weak like all other main characters in a reverse harem would be, she was strong yet gentle. 

I've recommended and shared this game to my friends as well :) More power to you <3

jw do we get to affect the MC's personality at all?


The MC already starts with a personality, but she'll go through varying character arcs depending on the ending you choose.


I've played dragon's route and this was so cute. ^^ I hadn't expected that they would conffesed to each other so fast. It's a pity that the endings weren't more expanded, espiacally in sword's route. It would be interesting to see their future (for example sword in human form).

Thank you a lot for this game! I enjoyed it a lot)))

Just want to say, I really enjoy the game. I like how there is a route for the sword, which was a really suprise for me when I saw the option appeared in the replay. ;D

This was really good! I loved the unique art style and I thought the dialogue was extremely well written, possibly the most well written out of all of the ren'py games I have played so far.

I have only done Mithamoore's route so far but it was super cute. I would love to do Sareth's route, if I can find out how.


Thank you! <3

Hint for Sareth's route: You'll need to select New Game+

Yesss! I did it! It felt shorter but it was really cute. Kudos to you for including Sareth's route!

The preface, BGM, and art style are such a nostalgic sentiment of platform games. Although it brings up a relatively heavy topics (such as the reality in the greyish world of said hero), it is a cute and sweet tale :3

And is it just me or Anemza indirectly breaks the fourth wall at the final fight in Sareth's route? (pardon me, his route is the most hillarious one with the bantering and other bachelors neutral face at the last scene, but also the melancholy one of their circumstance :'D  )


i love this so far (still on the dragon's route) . I'm going to post fanart on lemma soft soon

also a hint for the sword's ending?


I'm looking forward to seeing that! :D

Hint for the sword route: You'll need to unlock something...

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I loved it! The ending in particular was really great and how it changed based on how many times you've played it through! All of the characters were really engaging and I cared about every one of them. My first and favorite was Mithamoore's route out of the three I've played through! I also thought that the art was really cute and the UI was cute and really fit the theme of the game. The cute little blips really tied it all together and made this super fun to play through! Thank you for this!


Ooohh, this looks so cool! Can't wait to see the finished version! :D