Disco Framework is a Disco Elysium-inspired framework for the game engine Ren'Py. Made for those who would like to make Disco Elysium fangames and playable fanfics.

Created by the artist Katy133.


Framework includes:

  • A playable tutorial to walk you through the different features.
  • Coloured text inspired by the Skills in Disco Elysium.
  • Customised textbox.
  • Animated health damage and morale damage.
  • Animated stat raise effects.
  • Animated success and fail checks.
  • Dialogue choices with text that changes colour when you hover over each of them.
  • Custom mouse cursor.
  • Designed to minimise programming knowledge needed to make a game with the framework.

NEW! Version 1.2 includes:

  • Random number generator for dice rolls.
  • Skill system for passive rolls and levelling up.
  • Modifiers with custom messages to buff/debuff rolls.
  • Inventory and money system.
  • Journal that can be updated.
  • Character portraits with skill portraits and placeholder art.
  • Interactive map/crime scene to search.
  • Health and morale bars, along with death/game over scenes.
  • Animated notifications for gaining items, tasks, money, and more.
  • Clock system.
  • Window icon (of a disco ball).
  • Sound effects for the skills and user interface.

Requires a copy of the freeware engine Ren'Py.

Released under the CC-BY-NC-4.0 license.

Games that use this framework

Let me know if you make a game with this, I'd love to see it and showcase it.


How do I use this framework?

Download and install Ren'Py. Create a New Project using the launcher. Open the project's folder. Replace the "game" folder with the Disco Framework game folder.

How do I edit .rpy files?

Download and install a script editor (Ren'Py recommends several free ones) and use the program to open and edit the .rpy files.

Can you add x?

I don't plan on adding additional content to the framework (I want to focus on my current projects), but please feel free to contact me if there's something you think Disco Elysium fangame devs would find jolly useful.

Why don't you include assets from Disco Elysium?

I specifically avoided using assets directly taken from the game to avoid copyright issues. Disco Elysium's assets are owned by studio ZA/UM.

Where can I find your Disco Elysium fanfics?

On AO3.


Ko-fi | Patreon


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what a great little project, really what I was looking for. One thing though... After showing how backgrounds are done, could you remove the blue bathtub and maybe show a single colored background instead? In combination with the font it's a bit off putting and, at least for me, harder too read in general.

Thank you for your feedback. I'll add that to a list for a potential update. In the meantime, an option to make the text more readable whilst playing through the framework is using the Accessibility options (which includes Font Override options, Text Size Scaling, and--if you are using the downloaded version of the framework in Ren'Py's Launcher, instead of the browser version--a High Contrast Text mode as well) in Ren'Py by pressing the hotkey "A" while the framework is running.


Thanks a ton for creating this! Gonna be using it for our NaNoReNo project! =)


That's awesome to hear!! I'd love to see it. <3


Ahhhh thank you so much for doing this!


Wow, I've been struggling to put something like this together as a new Ren'Py user. So happy I found this, thank you!


What a great idea and tool ^^ 


This is really cool.