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"Do you want to make some of these decisions?"
"No, no. It doesn't matter... They all mean something."


The year is 1966. While Robin is taking a round-the-world trip,
Heather stays in her hometown to run her bakery and sweets shop.
The two of them have been attempting to keep a long-distance relationship,
but Heather seems to be feeling the strain of it with every passing day...



  • Multiple endings: Eight Nine different endings.
  • Randomly-generated events: The game plays out differently with each playthrough.
  • Word count: 18,210
  • OpenDyslexic font option: Allows you to switch game's dialogue typeface to OpenDyslexic.
  • Self-voicing and descriptive text.
  • Adjustable text size.


The Team:

Made for the Yuri Game Jam


Official Website || Lemmasoft Thread || Patreon || Ko-Fi

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date May 13, 2019
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsComedy, Cute, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Minimalist, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py, Romance, Story Rich


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yoo this is a good game! i love the art style its so cartoony and smooth! the backgrounds are really coloful to and the story is intersting with the year it takes place in and how its of two people trying to long distance, everything feels real and it being two girlfriends is cute. the differnet places you go is fun and i like how everything is different in each playthrough, it never gets boring and i like the voice acting to! great work!

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I'm impressed, for the most part. I'm kind of doing this post-postmortem, so rather late, but I really liked both the art style, the modular design, and the writing for this. At the same time, I do agree with those who have difficulties finding all the ends. I have all bout endings 3 and 4 (well, besides the good ending), and I'm not really sure what specific actions I'm missing/not doing for those.

That said, every new thing I discover is well written and has a very strong and consistent voice. But it can be hard, even with having been spoiled by the Postmortem on the fact that Ending 3 is Freedom/Force. I'm just not sure what that'd be? So yeah, while it could be more clear how it's going down, I was very charmed and quite impressed. Thank you for making it, and I'm sorry that it didn't get more attention/etc.

I'm honestly sure that by the time you even see this, I'll have worked my way into getting both of the endings, and then start working towards the final ending... probably tomorrow, since I'm going to turn in soon.

Thank you for playing it! <3


I really dig the tone this game sets! There's some very specific melancholy in it that's really nice (if bittersweet). The idea of the MC being the character that's 'on the sidelines' as compared to her adventurer GF is neat! And I think the art goes well with it.

I only had one playthrough where I guess I bumbled into a repeat ending. It did feel a little bit difficult to make choices sometimes (outside of the unique scenes at least), since I wasn't sure how much of an impact my breakfast or lunch would have on what random scenes I'd get (if any). That said I did like the modular aspect, in particular I think the dream scene was really effective in that regard.

Overall, a really charming game! It was a bit silly but I liked the final ending and how it came together haha

Thank you so much! <3


not bad plot and it's very nice and cute game

i like the artstyle! so geometric, so origina,l so colorful

and year 1960s! it's very unsual setting!

i don't know how to get good ending. I only get bad ones. Is good ending possible? maybe some walkthrought or hints?


Hi! Thank you for the comment. The game has a good ending which is possible to unlock (spoilers) once you have found the other eight endings. These eight endings can be found by picking different choices whenever you revisit a scene that you've read through before in a previous playthrough. I hope this helps, and thank you again for your comments. <3

No download link?

The game is still  in development.

Update: The game is now released! :)

Looking forward to this!


Update: The game is now released! :)



this looks really cute!! i can't wait to play it!! <3

Update: The game is now released! :)

Any more news about the release?


Hi! Right now, I'm finishing up writing the last two scenes of the game. After that, I'll start revisions, and finish up the remaining art. Then I'll coding it all in. But I really want to finish it before Halloween. Thank you so much for commenting; people showing interest in my projects really make my day! :D

Update: The game is now released! :)