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"The dream is already fading, and although you can no longer see the sign, you know the name of this cafe. Its name forming in your mind's eye. [...] A word for days that are happy and peaceful and idyllic. Its name is... the Halcyon Cafe."

Halcyon Cafe is a podcast about visual novel development.

It includes...

  • Guest interviews with different visual novel developers
  • Visual novel highlights
  • Tool tips to help you create game assets
  • Info on creating your own visual novels
  • And a radio drama about a mysterious cafe that seemingly appears and disappears at whim

Created by Katy133, a visual novel developer who has made several VNs, including Dear Devere, Eight Sweets, [redacted] Life, The Heart of Tales, and Three Guys That Paint.

You can support the ongoing project that is Halcyon Cafe through Patreon and Ko-fi. There are reward tiers for people who support the podcast, including early access to episodes.

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Listen to the Episodes

Episode 1: The Ransacked Room

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Today, we'll be talking about environmental storytelling, and how important background art is for visual novels. I'll also be interviewing environmental artist Jake Bowkett. (Air date: 19 June 2020)

Episode 2: The Bagged Milk Problem

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Today, we talk about the old "Write What You Know" adage. We talk about research, people watching, and asking questions to collect ideas for your story. I'll also be chatting with Ing and AKA on writing historic fiction. (Air date: 8 Dec 2020)

Episode 3: ?

(Coming in the future)

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