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In a fantasy world where Halloween-themed monsters and witches are commonplace, the Universe is about to come to an end. A grim reaper is tasked with working at a cafe run by Death himself, serving patrons with a meal that recreates that person's most precious memory.

Inspired by various visual novels of the cafe and bartender simulator subgenre, Last Meal at Cafe Mori is a game about death, deserts, and introspection.


  • Full voice acting.
  • Animated sprites and backgrounds.
  • Includes baking minigames: Mix meals together with a magic blender.
  • Multiple endings: 3 different endings.
  • Dyslexic-friendly font options.
  • Includes French, Spanish, and German translations.


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Word count

~7,386 words.

Release date

1st of October, 2020.

Page Translations


Dans un monde fantastique où monstres halloweenesques et sorcières font partie du décor, l'univers touche à sa fin. Une faucheuse est embauchée dans un café tenu par la Mort elle-même, où elle sert à la clientèle des plats recréant leurs souvenirs les plus précieux.

Inspiré par divers romans graphiques autour de la gestion de cafés et de bars, Last Meal at Cafe Mori est un jeu touchant à la mort, aux desserts et à l'introspection.

Points clés :

Entièrement doublé.
Sprites et environnements animés.
Inclut des mini-jeux de cuisine : mélangez les plats avec un blender magique.
Trois fins différentes.
Polices d'écriture adaptées aux personnes dyslexiques.

Équipe :

Katy133 (écriture, programmation, rôle du fantôme)
Speck (minijeu et programmation interface)
Tavian St. James (musique, rôle du scientifique)
Chintsy (rôle de Robyn la Faucheuse)
Mike (rôle de la Mort)
Coda (rôle de la sorcière)
MAHO! Cody (rôle de Jack-o'lantern)
Emma Breezy (rôle de la gargouille)
Feinerine (relecture)
Lunaterra (relecture)
Kristi Jimenez (relecture)
Resurrected Hobbyist (test)
Claudia Groot (test)
Locasaurus (localisation française)
Translators' Tale Team (localisation espagnole LATAM)
Stephanie Gorfer, Julia Gstöttner, Christina Rinnerthaler, Mejrema Uzejnovic, Victoria Zach (localisation allemande)

Nombre de mots (cliquez pour développer)
Environ 7 386.

Date de sortie
1er octobre 2020


En un mundo de fantasía en el que brujas y monstruos con temática de Halloween son habituales, el Universo está próximo a su fin. Una parca trabaja en una cafetería dirigida por la mismísima Muerte, donde sirve comidas que recrean los recuerdos más preciados de su clientela.

Está inspirada en varias novelas visuales del subgénero simulación de cafeterías y bartender, Última comida en Café Mori es un juego sobre la muerte, postres e introspección.


 Actuación de voz completa.
Gráficos y fondos animados.
Incluye un minijuego de repostería: mezcla ingredientes en una licuadora mágica.
Múltiples finales: tres finales diferentes.
Opciones de fuentes aptas para personas con dislexia.


 Katy133 (guion, arte, programación y actuación de voz como la Fantasma)
Speck (minijuego y programación de la GUI)
Tavian St. James (música y actuación de voz como el Científico)
Chintsy (actuación de voz como Robyn, la Parca)
Mike (actuación de voz como la Muerte)
Coda (actuación de voz como la Bruja)
MAHO! Cody (actuación de voz como Jack)
Emma Breezy (actuación de voz como le Gárgola)
Feinerine (revisión)
Lunaterra (revisión)
Kristi Jimenez (revisión)
Resurrected Hobbyist (tester)
Claudia Groot (tester)
Locasaurus (traducción al francés)
Translators' Tale Team (traducción al español)
Stephanie Gorfer, Julia Gstöttner, Christina Rinnerthaler, Mejrema Uzejnovic, Victoria Zach (traducción al alemán)

Recuento de palabras (haz clic para expandir):
~7386 palabras

Fecha de publicación:
1 de octubre de 2020


In einer Fantasywelt, die von Halloween-Monstern und Hexen bevölkert wird, geht das Universum seinem Ende zu. Eine Sensenfrau muss in einem Café, das von Gevatter Tod höchstpersönlich geführt wird, aushelfen und dort Gerichte für die Kundschaft zaubern, um deren schönste Erinnerungen wachzurufen.

Last Meal at Cafe Mori wurde von verschiedenen Visual Novels inspiriert, die sich in Cafés und hinter Theken abspielen. Es geht um den Tod, Nachspeisen und darum, einen Blick auf unser Innerstes zu werfen.


Volle Sprachausgabe.
Animierte Sprites und Hintergründe.
Enthält ein Back-Minispiel: Vermenge Zutaten in einem magischen Mixer zu köstlichen Speisen.
Verschiedene Enden: 3 unterschiedliche Enden.
Legasthenfreundliche Schriftartoptionen.


Katy133 (Writing, Art, Programmierung und Synchronstimme der Spukgestalt)
Speck (Minispiel und GUI-Programmierung)
Tavian St. James (Musik, Synchronstimme des Wissenschaftlers)
Chintsy (Synchronstimme der Sensenfrau Robyn)
Mike (Synchronstimme von Tod)
Coda (Synchronstimme der Hexe)
MAHO! Cody (Synchronstimme von Jack dem Kürbiskopf)
Emma Breezy (Synchronstimme des Gargoyle-Wesens)
Feinerine (Korrektorat)
Lunaterra (Korrektorat)
Kristi Jimenez (Korrektorat)
Resurrected Hobbyist (Playtesting)
Claudia Groot (Playtesting)
Locasaurus (Französische Übersetzung)
Translators’ Tale Team (Spanische Übersetzung)
Stephanie Gorfer, Julia Gstöttner, Christina Rinnerthaler, Mejrema Uzejnovic und Victoria Zach (Deutsche Übersetzung)

Wortanzahl (zum Ausklappen klicken)
~ 7.386 Wörter

1. Oktober, 2020.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 01, 2020
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(50 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsColorful, Cute, Fantasy, Monsters, Narrative, Relaxing, Ren'Py, Spooky, Story Rich
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish; Latin America, French


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Such a beautiful and creative concept! Despite the game being short, I managed to feel connected to the characters and all the endings had me feeling a little emotional. It also did spark some introspection in me. I'll be returning to this one for sure!


The game is so beautifully made i wanted to cry at the end, Mori was my favorite character  he seemed so wise  i honestly give this a 10/10 and looking forward to your future projects 🤍


Thank you so much! I'm glad you like Mori (he was fun to write) and that you enjoyed the game. <3


This was such a cozy little piece! I was a little hesitant about playing it in the beginning for some reason, but this definitely made my night. Felt very sweet and very sad in the best way possible. Loved the writing, the music, the voice acting, and the art!


Fun and cute title! I played through one of the routes, but still need to go through some others. Here's a video highlight of one of the playthroughs that my friend and I went through, enjoy! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/759826912


I featured your game in my video! This is amazingly written, super touching, highly detailed and I absolutely loved the added element of a magic blender! You all did wonderful work and should be super proud of yourselves! Thank you for an amazing game!


Thank you so much for playing Last Meal at Cafe Mori! I love seeing people's reaction to it! ^^



this affected me more than i expected it too

play it


This was a true delight! Every character was so well-written, so well voice-acted and so... well, adorable!

The premise really is something too, somewhere dead folks come to for one final meal and chat about the life they just lived before drifting on to another one. Listening to their stories are creating a delicious dessert that matches their memory... really thought-provoking and a heck of lot deeper than one might initially expect!

Sprinkle in some really super emotional moments (made all the more so by the aforementioned awesome VAs) and you get one heck of a game! Well worth checking out if you're feeling a little thoughtful and introspective. A truly transcendental experience! 


very sweet (pun intended) and introspective. i'd like to think that you are given a last meal before the end, being able to relive a precious moment. 


This was such a beautiful experience, I enjoyed it a lot! Got all 3 endings and met all the characters. The story and art is just soo hauntingly beautiful. Calming, but also tragic, knowing that they're all going to disappear very soon. The VAs did such a wonderful job bringing all the characters to life, really love every single one of them <3 

Thank you for this!


Thank you so much for playing! <3